An In-Depth Look at Getting a Same Day CEREC Crown [One Day Crown]

Same Day CEREC Crown  Bayside, NY

If you are considering getting a same day CEREC crown, you may be curious about how this procedure works. In the past, your dentist may have recommended traditional crowns to repair cosmetic issues. Today, the CEREC method is gaining traction. It is faster and requires less preparation.

Factors that lead to getting crowns

Though teeth are the strongest substance in the human body, they are not immune to cosmetic and dental issues. Crowns are useful at protecting damaged teeth and maintaining their structure. People often get a crown at the end of a root canal to prevent further issues to the affected tooth. A same day CEREC crown is a common choice for people who suffered an injury or accident that causes a fracture, chip or crack on a tooth. Also, when years of poor dental habits cause tooth decay, a crown may be the right treatment.

The examination

When a patient goes to the dentist’s office to help with a cosmetic concern, the dentist will talk about the person’s options. If both parties agree that a same day CEREC crown is the most effective answer, the dentist will carefully examine the patient’s mouth. The dentist will review the patient’s health history and will review recent dental procedures the person may have had.

Taking images

While traditional crowns require two or three visits, the same day CEREC crown process is much faster. Perhaps the biggest reason why the procedure is so efficient is that the dentist does not have to make an impression of the patient’s mouth. Instead of having a laboratory technician make the crown, the dentist uses 3-D imaging to take pictures of the person’s mouth. This helps the dentist take accurate measurements to ensure a good fit and a natural look.

Using technology to make a same day CEREC crown

Computer-aided designing and computer-aided manufacturing technologies help the dentist make the crown in the office. In fact, this process can start immediately after the dentist takes the 3-D pictures. Instead of coming back a week or two later for a one- or two-hour appointment, the patient can get started right away. The dentist makes the crowns out of ceramic blocks and then places them over the affected teeth. The dentist will not have to prepare the teeth as extensively as with traditional crowns.

Follow-up work

In the coming weeks and months following the procedure, the dentist will check in with the patient. The patient should inform the dentist if there is any pain or discomfort. The person should also talk about any concerns or problems with the crown.

Spend less time, get the results you want

It is not enjoyable to have cosmetic problems with your teeth. Chips, breaks and cracks can hinder your smile. You may even have low self-esteem or outlook if you are ashamed of your smile. A same day CEREC crown can solve these problems. Talk to a cosmetic dentist near you today about these crowns and how they can help restore your appearance in a short, two-hour appointment.

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