Options for Dental Crown Material from a General Dentist

Options for Dental Crown Material from a General Dentist from Dazzling Smile Dental Group in Bayside, NYYour general dentist can help you choose which material is ideal for your dental crowns. Thinking about which type of material you should have for your crown can be taxing. A quick crash course on the matter can teach you many things before your procedure. Here are the details.


This is a popular choice among patients. This material has been used for decades in dental procedures. The general dentist can recommend porcelain for those who want to have a natural-looking dental crown. It also makes crowns feel like natural teeth. The untrained eye often has difficulty telling a porcelain crown apart from the patient’s natural teeth. Patients do not need to worry about staining when it concerns porcelain crowns.


Another common material for dental crowns is gold. This precious metal is durable and sturdy. The general dentist suggests this material for patients who do not want to have much damage to the adjacent teeth. Gold can be eye-catching. Most patients do not want the color at all. Gold dental crowns are for those who have no problem with the color either.

Lithium disilicate ceramic material

The general dentist can also recommend this material for dental crowns. This is a translucent crown. Anyone who comes close to the patient’s mouth will not notice it at all. Lithium disilicate ceramic material is durable as well. It does not chip or crack. Proper care and maintenance allow the patient to have it on for a lifetime.

Most dentists use this material for the canines and front teeth. These crowns must blend with the patient’s natural teeth. Dentists will then use a different material for the back teeth. Lithium disilicate ceramic is expensive. Patients who want this type of crown want high-quality materials for restorations.


The general dentist can also recommend zirconia for a dental crown material. Zirconia is a man-made stone. It comes from zirconium — a metal much like titanium. Many practices use it to fabricate dental appliances. Zirconia is a functional material for dental crowns. This hard material is ideal for withstanding many years of biting and chewing.

Even if the general dentist places zirconia crowns on premolars and molars, the patient does not need to worry about biting or chewing on hard foods. Zirconia has optimal integrity as well. It does not react to bacteria or chemicals. It can withstand acidic substances. This material is biocompatible. The patient’s body will not experience pain and inflammation if zirconia stays in the body.

This material appears almost white. That is why the general dentist can recommend it. This crown can blend with the patient’s natural teeth. It is almost like porcelain.

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Your general dentist can use the right dental crown material based on your needs

Dental crowns come in various materials. Each one has a different level of dental benefits. You can ask your general dentist about each available material. An appointment with your dental care provider can determine which material you want for your next implant surgery.

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