Cosmetic Dentistry Options: Comparing and Contrasting Zoom Teeth Whitening and Other Products

Zoom Teeth Whitening Bayside, NY

If you want a brighter smile, consider Zoom Teeth Whitening. This procedure continues to appeal to adults who want to do something about the stains on their teeth. Of course, Zoom is not the only choice a cosmetic dentist near you can offer or recommend. There are in-office treatments, take-home solutions and products you can purchase in the store.

Why people choose teeth whitening

Teeth serve a vital function for everyone. Dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, infections and tooth loss can affect a person’s ability to eat and speak. Issues can even lead to further facial problems. Stained teeth are a cosmetic concern that can affect a person’s self-esteem and desire to be in social settings. Zoom teeth whitening and other options can help solve these worries by eliminating discoloration and restoring the natural color.

Zoom teeth whitening and other in-office treatments

Many dentists offer multiple options for teeth whitening. Many of these use peroxide gel and some type of light to activate the chemical to break down stains. Zoom uses the same method. The patient lies in a chair while the dentist applies the gel in three separate stages. Unlike other in-office whitening sessions, however, Zoom only requires one visit, which lasts just an hour or less. Some other types of treatment take two or three appointments.

Zoom and take-home trays

Another teeth-whitening option allows the patient to do the work at home. Some people may prefer this, as they do not have to come into the dentist’s office for a lengthy appointment. Instead, the patient applies peroxide gel to custom-made mouthguards and wears them overnight for a few weeks or months. It may take several months to see results, and the whitening effect may not last more than a year. Zoom teeth whitening works within an hour for many patients and only needs one application.

Zoom and over-the-counter products

People can try teeth-whitening solutions without ever going to the dentist. Different toothpaste and strip products are available in drugstores and grocery stores. The financial requirement will not be as high with these options as with Zoom teeth whitening and other in-office treatments. However, the peroxide concentration is not as high with these products. People must use the toothpaste or strips longer and more consistently to get the desired results too.

The patient’s part

Regardless of what people try, it is important to continue good oral health habits. Patients should brush at least twice a day and should floss daily to maintain white teeth. It will also help to limit how much coffee, tea, wine and soda people drink. Avoiding tobacco will also keep stains off teeth.

Take your pick

You may be struggling to know what teeth whitening method is right. There are clear advantages to choosing Zoom teeth whitening. This treatment is fast and does not require multiple trips to the dentist’s office. You can enjoy lasting whiteness on your teeth and achieve the smile you have been looking for. Find a cosmetic dentist near you today and ask about Zoom.

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