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When you have tooth pain, same day CEREC onlays may be the right treatment. If you have a cavity, a filling may not support the tooth. Onlays protect the damaged tooth and maintain its structure. Also, this approach can preserve your smile and help you maintain the oral health you need.

Signs that a person has a cavity

Sometimes, a routine wellness checkup at the dentist’s office will reveal that the person has a cavity. X-rays and a hands-on examination can detect tooth decay, even if it is small. A person does not have to wait until the next semiannual appointment to diagnose a cavity. Persistent tooth pain is a clue that there is decay. Other factors may include sensitivity to hot or cold foods. Some people may not feel general discomfort in their teeth but may experience pain while chewing.

Methods the dentist will use

Same day CEREC onlays are not the only treatments the dentist can turn to when a person has a cavity. This intervention is most common for small or minor cavities. For severe tooth decay, the affected tooth may not have enough surface left for a filling to support. In this situation, the dentist would cover the tooth with a crown. When the decay is somewhere in the middle, an onlay is the right answer. The dentist constructs the onlay and places it on the tooth over the cusps.

Effects of putting off treatment

Cavities not only cause pain, but they can spread and create further, more serious difficulties. Major tooth decay can destroy teeth or cause them to fall out. The dentist might eventually extract the decayed tooth altogether. Large spaces in the person’s mouth can hinder their smile and cause embarrassment or self-image problems.

Preserving smiles with same day CEREC onlays

A patient should never let tooth decay get to the point where tooth loss is imminent. Onlays not only provide relief from the pain, but this treatment can keep the tooth intact. The patient can continue to enjoy a full smile without worrying about gaps.

A solution that does not stand out

Traditionally, dentists used gold onlays on teeth. Today, with same day CEREC onlays, it is more common to use ceramic. A positive aspect of this is that the material blends in with the surrounding teeth. People with onlays can continue to smile without metal or other noticeable colors in their mouth. The dentist will carefully craft the onlays to match the tooth’s appearance. Perhaps most appealing, the entire process takes place in a single visit in less than two hours.

No need to hide your smile

If tooth decay has led to tooth loss or other visible problems in your mouth, you may not want to smile. You may not even want to be in social settings and meet new people. If you are concerned about losing your beautiful smile, it is time to turn to same day CEREC onlays. Find a cosmetic dentist near you and ask about this restoration process. You can make an appointment today.

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