How a CEREC Crown Can Help You Get A New Smile [Cosmetic Dentistry]

CEREC Crown  Bayside, NY

Though several options are available for repairing damaged teeth, a same day CEREC crown may be the right one for you. You may not have the type of teeth you want, but a cosmetic dentist near you can help. For both cosmetic and health reasons, capping your affected teeth is an effective solution. The CEREC method is fast and efficient too.

The same day CEREC crown advantage

Patients should discuss their treatment options with the dentist before moving forward. However, it should be clear to the person why CEREC crowns are the right decision. Unlike traditional crowns, which involve a multi-visit process, CEREC crowns only require one appointment. The dentist will use 3-D imaging instead of impressions to take measurement of the person’s teeth. Also, computer technology allows the dentist to make the crown in the office instead of at an off-site laboratory.

Fixing misshapen teeth

A smile is not the same when a person has several teeth of different shapes. If one or more teeth are much smaller than the rest, it can affect the person’s appearance. This may even have a psychological effect on the person. A same day CEREC crown can cover up the misshapen tooth and look more like normal-looking teeth in the patient’s mouth.

Helping dental implants

Patients who have lost a tooth or multiple teeth may turn to dental implants. This treatment allows the person to chew and speak properly. On top of the implants, the dentist will place a crown. Patients should ask the dentist whether a same day CEREC crown is available for this purpose. The crown not only resembles natural teeth, but it has a strong biting surface.

Supporting fillings

For minor or moderate cavities, the dentist can simply remove the decay and fill up the tooth with a ceramic or composite resin material. To do this, the dentist may have to remove part of the tooth. If the cavity is so large that not much of the natural tooth remains, a crown may be necessary to protect it. A same day CEREC crown will work effectively in this case. Plus, the patient will not have to return to the office for another appointment once the filling is in place.

Correcting cosmetic issues

A cosmetic dentist is a good choice for the chips, breaks or cracks in people’s teeth. This professional may offer different solutions such as a veneer or bridge. A same day CEREC crown is a common treatment as well. The crown can restore the tooth’s function and look. It will also cover up the flaw that affected the person’s smile.

Ask a cosmetic dentist near you about it now

There is no reason why you should continue struggling with cosmetic issues in your mouth. Similarly, large cavities can take their toll on your health. Act now and speak with a cosmetic dentist near you so you can get the relief you have been looking for. A same day CEREC crown offers benefits that traditional crowns and other methods cannot match. In a single visit to the dentist’s office, you can regain an attractive facial appearance.

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