How Long Do Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Take?

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With current busy schedules, people may wonder if there is time for cosmetic dentistry procedures that are not medically necessary. Although the length of time an appointment takes depends mainly on the procedure and the dentist performing it, many minor to moderate treatments often require only one or two visits, an hour or less each.

Minor improvements and treatments

The most basic procedures can usually be completed in one visit.

Professional teeth whitening

Professional in-office whitening services are a step above take-home gels and strips. The process can treat all of the teeth at the same time (including stained restorations), and the results typically last much longer. The actual bleaching procedure can be completed in around 30-90 minutes. Some dentists will offer a consultation before the treatment to evaluate the patient and explain the process.

Restorative dental composite

Dental composite resin fills cavities, cracks and chips in teeth. The procedure includes clearing away any decayed or damaged enamel and cleaning the surface before bonding. The entire process typically takes around 30-60 minutes per tooth. Dental composite, which is colored to match the natural teeth, may take as much as 20 minutes longer to set than silver or amalgam, which may be preferred for bicuspids and molars less visible than the front teeth.

Moderate procedures and restorations

Cosmetic dentistry procedures that are generally more involved or invasive will typically require at least two separate appointments, some brief and some comprehensive.


Teeth alignment procedures include traditional orthodontics (braces) and more modern systems like clear aligners. The treatment process usually spans 12 months to three years. Any type involves a planning phase, where the dentist will analyze the current positions of the teeth and discuss desired results with the patient, utilizing X-rays and impressions.

Braces usually require one to two hours for the initial placement, and then short 15- to 20-minute adjustments roughly every two months. Aligning trays are provided to the patient with instructions on how often to graduate to the next step, and some dentists prefer to assess the progress of patients every four to six weeks.


Moderately restorations, such as veneers and crowns, generally need only two to three appointments to complete. Getting veneers, ultra-thin porcelain covers that are bonded onto the surface of the tooth to enhance the appearance and cover flaws, may take up to three appointments over two to four weeks. These visits consist of a consultation, and the cleaning and bonding process, which typically lasts no longer than two hours.

Crowns, which restore damaged teeth to natural size, shape and appearance, also have a similar fitting and placement program, but the appointment time frames are a little different. After making impressions, the dentist will usually place a temporary cap, and that first visit may last 50-90 minutes. The bonding of the “permanent” crown during the second appointment is generally completed within a half-hour.


Other cosmetic dentistry replacement solutions, like dentures and implants, are highly customized systems, and the length of time needed to complete them can vary widely. Even so, the majority of available treatments only take a few appointments at most that can easily be fit into even busy schedules.

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