General Dentistry Repair Procedures for a Fractured Tooth

General Dentistry Repair Procedures for a Fractured Tooth from Dazzling Smile Dental Group in Bayside, NYGeneral dentistry often treats people for fractured teeth. You could suddenly fracture a tooth in everyday life. When this happens, you should immediately call your dentist. When you fracture or chip a tooth, the dentist can often repair it. There are many ways to restore a cracked tooth, depending on your situation. The dentist will go over your options and help you make a decision. Here are some of the procedures for repairing a fractured tooth.

Small cracks and chips

If there is very little damage, the dentist can polish and smooth down sharp edges. If cracks are visible, the dentist can also use bonding to hide the damage and restore uniformity. Bonding can even reattach a broken piece if it is small enough. Some patients feel that bonding makes the teeth appear even better than before the damage occurred.

Deeper cracks and hidden problems

General dentistry deals with fractured teeth in several ways, depending on where the fracture occurs. Sometimes, the crack extends below the surface or under the gumline. Patients with these deeper cracks could get a root canal with a filling. The root canal clears out any infection as a result of the fracture. Then the filling covers the hole to prevent further risk of infection. When there is too much damage to the top of the tooth, the dentist will place a crown.

It is possible to crack a molar root but still keep the tooth. Molars have several roots. If one cracks, the dentist may remove the broken root but leave the others intact. This requires a surgery called a hemisection. Often these fractures below the surface are not visible, but patients feel pain and discomfort. The dentist can use X-rays to look for hidden damage.

When the damage is too extensive

General dentistry encourages saving a tooth, if possible, but sometimes the tooth is too damaged, and the dentist cannot save it. Deep cracks or large broken pieces may mean extraction is the right option. A tooth can split in half. When this happens, successful tooth repair is unlikely.

Before seeing the dentist

Tooth chips and fractures happen in day-to-day life, so patients cannot always get to the dentist immediately. If a tooth breaks, patients should try to find the piece that broke off. Once the patient finds the piece of the tooth, it is important to wrap it in wet gauze and bring it to the dentist. Dentists say it is okay to take over-the-counter pain relievers or use clove oil if the broken tooth is painful. Many stores also carry broken tooth repair kits that people can use if they cannot see a dentist right away.

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General dentistry can treat your tooth fracture

Dentists agree that you should get any chips, cracks, or fractures checked out, even if the cracks appear small. You may not be able to see the full extent of the fracture without the help of the dentist. There are many treatment options to repair fractures. Your dentist can evaluate you and tell you which options will work for your situation.

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