A Cosmetic Dentist Shares Qualities of No Prep Veneers

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If you are considering getting no prep veneers, it will help to understand how the process works. Your dentist can talk to you about what to expect and what benefits this treatment offers. Veneers work well to repair various cosmetic flaws and improve your smile. The no-prep method cuts down on the procedure and eliminates the need for parts of the process.

Conditions that veneers can correct

Even diligent, conscientious dental patients can find themselves in need of cosmetic help. No prep veneers are a common way to make a damaged tooth well and whole once again. Accidents and mishaps can chip, fracture or crack a tooth. Also, patients with discolored or stained teeth may choose this method instead of teeth-whitening products and procedures. Also, while patients with misaligned, misshapen teeth often turn to orthodontics for relief, veneers can address these issues too.

Description of no prep veneers

Like traditional veneers, the no prep kind is made of porcelain. This gives it a durable quality that can stand up to daily wear and tear as well as chewing. The veneer is a thin shell that attaches to the front of the affected tooth, usually a front tooth. Veneers are virtually invisible. The dentist will make them in such a way as to resemble the surrounding natural teeth in size, shape and color.

Doing away with time-consuming steps

Getting traditional veneers is a moderately invasive process. To make the treatment work effectively, the dentist will first numb the patient’s mouth by using a local anesthetic. The dentist then shaves between 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters of the tooth’s enamel. It may also be necessary to reshape the tooth so the veneer will fit properly.

Patients who choose no prep veneers prefer this method because they can save the tooth’s enamel. In this treatment, the dentist may not have to remove any enamel. At the most, less than 0.3 millimeters will be taken off. There is no need for anesthetic either. Before sending the person home, the dentist will make sure the veneers fit well. The dentist will also test the patient’s bite.

Restoring the person’s smile

It is not easy for a person with crooked, badly shaped or broken teeth to have the desire to smile. Meeting new people can be embarrassing and affect the individual’s self-esteem. Furthermore, eating can be painful and the person may not even be able to speak clearly. No prep veneers protect a damaged tooth from suffering further problems. Other cosmetic issues can disappear because the veneer will cover them.

The right choice for your teeth

To fix a chipped, cracked or broken tooth, the dentist may talk to you about getting a filling or crown. However, no prep veneers are a viable alternative. This treatment can also help transform your teeth and give you an attractive smile. A cosmetic dentist near you can do this procedure in one visit and have you on your way within an hour. It is time to call your dentist today and schedule a time to put veneers on your teeth.

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