5 Reasons Your Child May Need to Visit Your Bayside Dentist

Your top priority as a parent is to provide excellent health care for your children, which is why your child needs to visit your Bayside dentist. Creating a good foundation for your child’s health care is essential to set them on the right path. Despite the importance of oral health, many parents still do not know when to take their kids to the dentist.

Five important reasons your child may need to visit the dental office

Dental cavities

All children, including infants and toddlers, can get dental caries. Although many factors contribute to this, infants and toddlers usually get cavities from sippy cups and bottles. Routine dental visits are necessary to keep your child’s teeth free of cavities. The dentist will perform a thorough evaluation to detect and treat the condition before it spreads to nearby teeth. It is usually easier to treat small cavities than larger ones.

If the cavity is not treated on time, it could lead to a painful infection that may require tooth removal or dental filling. If you want to save money on expensive dental procedures, you need to start taking your child to the dental office regularly.


Dental experts recommend biannual dental checkups for children once they reach two years of age. During the dental checkup, the dentist will perform deep teeth cleaning and polish to eliminate plaque, tartar and stains on the teeth. Regular visits to your Bayside dentist are vital for a bright and beautiful smile.

Adult teeth

Once your child’s permanent teeth start coming in, you need to pay the dentist a visit. The baby teeth are the frontrunners of the permanent teeth. If something goes wrong when the adult teeth are erupting, the child may end up with misaligned teeth. Resolving the issue as fast as possible prevents potential complications with the adult teeth.

Tooth decay

Your child’s teeth are immediately susceptible to tooth decay as soon as they appear. Decay in baby teeth often means the child will experience decay with their permanent teeth as well. Routine dental visits are necessary to keep the child’s teeth protected from decay and infection.

Oral hygiene

It is crucial to teach your child the basics of excellent oral hygiene. The child’s dentist will teach your child fun and interactive ways of caring for their teeth and maintaining good oral health. The dentist can teach them correct brushing and flossing techniques.

In conclusion

Visits to your Bayside dentist are not just for treating teeth or gum issues. The child’s dentition can affect their self-esteem and confidence. Multiple studies have linked having a perfect smile with higher confidence levels.

The earlier you take your child for their dental appointment, the better. According to the American Dental Association, you should take your child for their first visit once they are a year old. You need to include dental visits automatically in your schedule once your child’s teeth start forming. More important, get a professional and kid-friendly dentist for your child to ensure a pleasant experience.

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