5 Reasons You Need a Cosmetic Dentist

If you are wondering why people go to the cosmetic dentist, it is because many of us need help to achieve that dazzling, picture-perfect smile. We all want a smile that makes a lasting impression, but imperfections in our teeth can make us afraid to smile or laugh.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentists are here to help. They spend their days getting rid of common cosmetic problems.

Reasons to visit a cosmetic dentist

A cosmetic dentist will:

1. Whiten stained or discolored teeth

There are several reasons teeth become discolored. Over time, teeth can become stained by coffee, wine, cigarette smoke and other things that people put in their mouths. Some people also have intrinsic stains that discolor the enamel at the deepest level.

A cosmetic dentist uses teeth whitening treatments to remove surface stains, as well as intrinsic stains. Usually, the treatment takes a few bleaching procedures done over the course of a few weeks. After having their teeth whitened, a person should take care to prevent future stains from forming.

2. Fix broken and damaged teeth

A cosmetic dentist will use dental bonding or veneers to repair chipped or slightly cracked teeth. They will use dental caps to encase badly damaged teeth.

3. Fix a crooked smile

Sometimes, teeth grow in a strange way. They compete for space and crowd each other. Some people even have teeth that grow over each other. A crooked smile can occur as a result of a small jaw, impacted teeth or childhood dental problems.

Slightly crooked teeth can cause embarrassment. Severely crowded and crooked teeth can be a source of distress and dental health complications. Luckily, cosmetic dentists have experience in straightening teeth.

Usually, a dentist will correct a crooked smile with an orthodontic treatment. If a person has extra teeth, the dentist will likely pull them out, and if a patient has a deformed jaw, the dentist might recommend a surgical procedure to reshape the jaw.

4. Correct cosmetic problems in the gums

Some people have smiles dominated by their gums. The effect is teeth that seem shorter than normal. Other people have long and uneven gums that create a strange-looking or gapped smile. Cosmetic dentists correct these kinds of problems in a number of ways:

  • A dentist usually performs gum reduction or gum re-contouring to reduce the size of the gums and make the teeth longer
  • The dentist may also use Botox to limit how far the lips retract; the end result is that the gums remain covered when a person smiles
  • A cosmetic dentist will perform gum recontouring to reshape uneven gums

5. Fix gapped teeth

Gapped teeth can occur due to any number of reasons. A person could have small teeth or a large jaw. They could also have missing teeth. A cosmetic dentist removes gaps in the teeth in the following ways:

  • The dentist will replace missing teeth with dental implants, dental bridges or overdentures
  • They may use veneers to close slight gaps in the teeth
  • They may use dental crowns to "increase" the size of small teeth and close moderate gaps
  • They may use orthodontic treatment to move the teeth closer together

A great smile is only a call away

It is entirely possible to have a dazzling smile. To get started, all you need to do is call a cosmetic dentist today for advice on how to achieve your dream smile.

Ready to start your smile makeover?

Request an appointment in our Bayside dentist office here: https://www.dazzlemysmile.com.

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