Will Your Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are a viable option for filling in those gaps in your mouth. Missing teeth can hinder your smile and even make it difficult to eat or speak. However, the financial commitment of implants may concern. It is important to speak to your dentist and insurance provider to see what type of coverage you can get.

Comparison with other choices

Losing teeth is not an uncommon problem for adults. Tooth loss can occur because of poor oral health habits and ignoring dental care. Teeth can fall out on their own due to severe decay, or the dentist may have to pull them to prevent further problems. Some people lose teeth in accidents or because of injury. To replace them, patients may select crowns, dentures or bridges instead of dental implants. However, implants appeal to people because of their durability and natural look.

When insurance may pay for dental implants

Anyone who has ever had dental work knows that they must consider the out-of-pocket cost of the treatment. Implants are no different. Dental insurance can play a key role in helping people manage these costs. Most plans will cover at least a portion of the implants if the patient is getting them to help with a dental problem. For example, if tooth loss is causing medical issues, the insurance coverage may approve of the treatment.

When insurance may not pay for implants

Traditionally, many dental plans have not covered implants for patients who get them for purely cosmetic reasons. Unless the patient and dentist can show the insurance company that the implants meet a medical need, the patient may be on their own to pay the final bill. If the insurance company decides that the person can physically get along fine without the teeth, it is unlikely the patient will have coverage.


On the other hand, there may be exceptions in some cases. Many plans will cover the cost of the post and abutment placement but not for the crown attachment. The procedure may have insurance approval if the tooth loss occurs because of an accident or an injury. The plan may also cover anesthesia and bone grafting but not other portions of the procedure.

The patient’s responsibility

It is critical for all prospective patients to look carefully at the insurance plan. People should understand coverage limits and plan details. It may be helpful to speak directly to an insurance company representative. Patients should describe dental needs and the upcoming surgery. The dentist can also provide a summary of the patient’s condition and why the dental implant surgery is necessary.

Know before you go to a cosmetic dentist near you

You may be willing and able to get dental implants regardless of the financial implications. However, if you are worried about paying the entire bill, make sure you speak to your dental insurance company representative. A cosmetic dentist near you can repair your smile by replacing missing teeth. Make sure you understand all aspects of your insurance coverage before you make an appointment for this procedure.

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