Why You Might Need a Same Day CEREC Crown

Same day CEREC Bayside, NY

For cosmetic tooth problems, a same day CEREC crown could be just what you need. Rather than come in two or three times to repair a chipped, broken or severely decayed tooth, ask your dentist about taking care of the problem in one visit. You can revive your smile with a natural, durable crown.

Same day CEREC crown process

For traditional crowns, the patient must first come in for an examination, including X-rays and impressions. The dentist may also shave the damaged tooth so the crown will fit. A technician then makes the custom crown in a laboratory, which the dentist will place over the tooth at a subsequent appointment.

Same day crowns allow the patient to get the treatment in one appointment. Instead of making impressions with a clay-like substance, the dentist takes a 3-D image of the patient’s mouth. Then, right there in the office, the dentist uses computer technology to make the crowns. The dentist also will not have to remove as much of the natural tooth. Plus, the technology allows the dentist to create an even more natural-looking crown.

Badly decayed teeth

Typical cavities require a filling to repair the damage. However, a same day CEREC crown is a more effective approach for patients with larger cavities. For decay too significant for the filling to support it, the dentist can use the crown to protect the tooth and keep its structure intact. The crown will have the same color and shape as the surrounding teeth, so it will not stand out.

Chips and cracks

In sporting events and other activities, people can suffer blows to the face. This can chip or break teeth. Not only can this be painful and make the tooth susceptible to decay, but it can be cosmetically embarrassing for the person. If the dentist can salvage the tooth, it may make sense to use a same day CEREC crown to cover up the damage and make the tooth look as good as new. This can preserve the person’s smile and get rid of the defects and flaws.


Teeth whitening is increasingly more common among adult patients. Poor dental habits and consuming beverages such as tea, coffee and soda can stain teeth. Instead of using peroxide to bleach the teeth, some patients prefer to get a same day CEREC crown over the yellow or brown tooth. The dentist can create a crown in the office with the desired color shade, along with an appealing size and shape. This can be effective for a single tooth or for multiple teeth in the person’s mouth.

It is now your turn

If you have a damaged tooth or a severe cavity, consider getting a same day CEREC crown. This method has some advantages that traditional crowns do not. If you want to spend less time in the dentist’s office, this treatment could be the right move. Talk to a cosmetic dentist near you today about this process and how it can help improve your smile and appearance.

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