When Your Cosmetic Dentist May Recommend No Prep Veneers

No Prep Veneers Bayside, NY

Have you heard a lot about no prep veneers? If your teeth have cracks, chips or fractures, you may want to speak to your dentist about getting this treatment. Veneers are also effective at covering up discolored teeth as well as misaligned or misshapen ones. Your dentist can talk to you about your options and whether you are a good candidate.

The process of getting no prep veneers

When a patient thinks it is time to improve their cosmetic appearance, the dentist will discuss the benefits and challenges of getting veneers. Both parties should feel comfortable with the treatment. The dentist begins by removing no more than 0.3 millimeters of the tooth’s enamel. This is different from traditional veneers where the dentist removes up to 0.5 millimeters. The dentist bonds the thin porcelain sheet to the front of the tooth and tests it for its fit.

Patients with chipped teeth

Though composite bonding or even dental cement may be an option to repair chips, many patients prefer no prep veneers. The veneer will cover the damaged tooth, so there should be no rough, jagged edges. This solution works well for both small and large chips. Dentists are particularly partial toward recommending veneers if the chips appear on the person’s front teeth.

Patients with broken teeth

A fractured tooth presents multiple challenges. This issue can cause considerable pain for the patient. It may also be difficult, if not impossible, for the person to chew with that tooth. Speaking can be difficult as well. There are cosmetic implications too. A broken tooth can ruin a person’s smile and cause embarrassment. Getting no prep veneers is an effective way to conceal the fracture. The dentist will first remove any decay from the tooth and may fill it before attaching the veneer.

Patients with stains on their teeth

It is not easy to maintain white teeth. Yellow and brown stains can replace this natural color after years of wear and tear. Lack of brushing and other proper dental care can discolor teeth. Drinking soda, wine, coffee and tea can have the same effect. With no prep veneers, the patient can hide these stains. The dentist will attach a veneer with a color shade that meets the person’s needs and preferences.

Patients with misaligned teeth

For severe misalignment problems, braces may be the right treatment. However, for more minor issues, no prep veneers could be effective. The dentist can attach the veneer to the front of the affected teeth and position them in a way to help correct alignment issues.

You fit the profile, so your turn has come

If any of these conditions match your teeth, do not hesitate to do something about your smile. You should not have to hide your teeth any longer. Getting no prep veneers is a good way to repair blemishes and unwanted appearances in your mouth. Find an experienced cosmetic dentist near you so you can schedule an appointment. The process is fast and pain-free, and the results could be just what you have been looking for.

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