What Happens When You Get No Prep Veneers? [Quick Guide]

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No prep veneers are becoming more and more common in dentist’s offices. While veneers have long been a viable way to improve the look, shape, size or color of a tooth, methods are improving. Dentists no longer have to spend the time removing enamel from the affected tooth. This procedure could be the right way to help you regain your smile and facial appearance.

Patients who choose no prep veneers

Other treatments exist to cosmetically repair teeth. Some patients prefer to get crowns, implants or bridges. The dentist may even use a filling or composite bonding to take care of minor issues. However, when a patient wants a natural-looking, durable solution, veneers are often the first choice. Veneers can cover up damage to a tooth such as chips, cracks and fractures. Discolored teeth or teeth with alignment problems can also benefit from this procedure.

Having the discussion

Before deciding to get no prep veneers, the patient should also meet the cosmetic dentist. The dentist can explain different options to the patient. This will help the person see whether veneers effectively meet their goals. The dentist can explain how veneers work and what the patient can do to properly maintain them. The dentist may then make impressions of the person’s teeth and take X-rays. From there, the dentist or a technician crafts the porcelain veneer to match the size, shape and color of the affected tooth.

Doing away with the prep work

For traditional veneers, the dentist started by reshaping the tooth to prepare to attach the porcelain shell. This required the dentist to remove part of the tooth’s enamel. Usually, 0.3 millimeters to 0.5 millimeters must be shaved away. However, no prep veneers work without having to remove much, if any, of the enamel. Because of this, the patient should not need a local anesthetic to numb the mouth.

Bonding time

The dentist will clean and polish the tooth so it can be ready to receive the no prep veneers. The dentist applies a dental cement to the tooth and attaches the veneer to it. To speed up the hardening time, the dentist uses a light to activate the chemical in the cement.


Before sending the patient home, the dentist will test the person’s bite to make sure the veneer is a good fit. The dentist removes any excess cement. At this time, the dentist will make final adjustments. Follow-up visits will usually occur a few weeks later. During this time, the patient should be cautious about biting into hard objects. It is important for the patient to continue brushing and flossing.

Get ready for a change

Not only can no prep veneers change the way you look and smile, but it is a good option over traditional veneers. The traditional kind required more time and was a more invasive process. If you prefer a faster approach with no need for anesthetic, call a cosmetic dentist near you. Set up a time when you can stop by and discuss your needs and desire for more attractive teeth.

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