What does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

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Cosmetic dentistry has become a much more popular term in recent years. Although most of the procedures can also be completed by a general dentist, how they are used is the largest difference. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the way that the dentist thinks is one of the most significant differences that a patient will run into.

General dentists have the sole focus of preserving the teeth. They focus on keeping the tooth’s structure intact and not needlessly removing any teeth while implementing and suggesting procedures that will help a person keep a healthy smile. On the other hand, a cosmetic dentist has to focus on making a person's teeth and smile look their best!

Overall, that is the biggest difference when it comes to a cosmetic dentist. Now, we will look at the different procedures that a cosmetic dentist will perform and how it will enhance their patient's smiles.

What type of procedures does a cosmetic dentist perform?

Cosmetic dentists will do many of the same procedures that a general dentist does. However, they will utilize them in ways to ensure that their patients have the whitest best-looking smile that they are looking to obtain. The following are the most commonly used dental procedures that cosmetic dentists perform:

Inlays/Onlay on the teeth

A cosmetic dentist can use inlays and onlays in different ways. They will typically do this on teeth that have become worn down or are chipped on the chewing surface. By using either of these two dental procedures, they can bring the patients teeth back to a healthy and good looking state. If the patient had a cavity, then that would also be eradicated by using a dental inlay.

Dental veneers

Although dental veneers can be used in general dentistry, when someone comes to a cosmetic dentist and if they have some serious teeth staining, chips and cracks or other things they consider unsightly, dental veneers could be a good option.

The veneers are constructed to fit perfectly on a person's teeth. After a small amount of the enamel is removed, the veneer is fastened and cemented on to the person's teeth. After it is installed, the patient will have white and bright teeth that they are sure to want to show off.

Because of their ease in being installed, dental veneers can help in fixing a number of problems that someone may be having.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding can be used to help in rectifying any teeth that are heavily stained. If the teeth are also chipped or worn down the bonding can help. Using the resin that is made to be the same color as someone’s teeth will ensure that after the bonding treatment, it will look like a new set of teeth!

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the staple procedures that a cosmetic dentist can do. Using a strong solution (8X stronger than store-bought options) and a laser light specially made for teeth whitening, the results someone will have after a professional teeth whitening treatment is astounding. Most patients cannot believe the results that are obtained so fast when a professional teeth whitening procedure has been done.

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