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No Prep Veneer Bayside, NY

Patients who get No Prep Veneers can look in the mirror and discover a brand-new smile. If you are tired of seeing blemishes in your teeth, you can do something about them. This treatment works well whether one tooth is bothering you or whether you have multiple cosmetic issues. The process is fast and hassle-free.

Common causes of cosmetic problems

Under the right circumstances, a person’s teeth with be straight and free of any noticeable issues. Unfortunately, various activities lead to chips, fractures, cracks, discoloration, misalignment and other concerns. Many times, a person will suffer a tooth injury while playing sports or doing some other physical activity. A hard blow to the face can hinder a smile, whether it occurs while at play or in an accident. Other patients experience these challenges because of poor brushing or flossing habits. Even eating and drinking certain foods and beverages can lead a person to seek no prep veneers.

Dental consultation

A dentist may address cosmetic concerns at a regular dental checkup. Patients do not have to wait until a semiannual checkup to talk about fixing these noticeable problems, however. The dentist and patient will discuss a treatment plan that makes sense. If no prep veneers feel right, the dentist will explain the process, along with the benefits and drawbacks.

Less prep time

Getting traditional veneers requires some preliminary work on the affected teeth. The dentist will numb the patient and then will remove 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters of the enamel. No prep veneers are aptly named because the process is less invasive. The dentist removes less than 0.3 millimeters of enamel at the most. Plus, in most cases, the dentist will not have to use any local anesthetic.

Durability of no prep veneers

Veneers are effective at covering damaged teeth, but the porcelain sheets will not last forever. Fortunately, careful patients can help them work well for 10 years or more. The veneers are susceptible to breakage if patients chew on hard objects such as fingernails, pens, ice or certain types of candy. On the bright side, people who avoid these activities and who continue to brush and floss should enjoy the benefits of the veneers for several years.

Natural-looking solution

The dentist will carefully craft the no prep veneers to closely resemble the patient’s natural teeth. The size, shape and color will blend in well, so the veneers do not stand out. It will be difficult for anyone to notice that the patient has them.

Celebrate your appearance

You may be tired of living with damaged teeth. Stains or badly shaped teeth can also be a significant concern. These issues may hinder your smile and make it difficult to be in social settings. If these scenarios sound familiar, find a cosmetic dentist near you and make an appointment to talk about no prep veneers. In one appointment, your dentist can make these blemishes virtually disappear. There is no reason to wait any longer to improve the way your teeth look.

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