Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Dental implants prove to be quite the successful substitute for missing teeth. Dental implants let you eat the foods you love, put a beautiful smile on display in social settings and live life as though you do not have any missing teeth. By choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth, you will have a better chance at enjoying functional, stable, reliable and long-lasting tooth replacements.

About Dental Implants

Traditional bridges and dentures replace tooth crowns while dental implants go deeper to replace tooth roots.  These implants are actually diminutive titanium screws or posts the dentists applies directly to the jaw bone. The titanium posts and jaw bone are allowed several months to combine with one another if a process known as osseointegration.  After the screw successfully connects with the jaw, it is time to place the crown.

The implants serve the purpose of holding the new teeth firmly in place. However, the dental implants also play other important roles in maintaining oral health.  As an example, the presence of dental implants helps prevent the jaw bone from shrinking and gum recession.  These are two of the most common results of missing teeth. Once the dentist is certain your jaw bone will not shrink and your gums will not recede, you will move forward with the dental implant treatment process.

Your dental implants will empower you to live a normal life in terms of eating, smiling and speaking in social settings. In many cases, patients do not require the same number of dental implants to match the lost or compromised teeth. A single implant can support numerous teeth.  In certain instances, four to eight dental implants can restore full functionality to one of the mouth’s arches.

A Durable and Versatile Solution to Missing Teeth

Dental implants are an extremely durable and secure tooth replacement solution. If you take proper care of your dental implants, they will last decades.  In fact, some patients have enjoyed their dental implants for the rest of their life. Aside from superior durability, dental implants are also revered for their versatility. These implants can replace one or several teeth regardless of their location. You can eat, drink, laugh, talk and smile with dental implants without any problem.

Dental Implants Provide the Strong Oral Foundation Your Mouth Needs

Dental implants will stop jaw bone deterioration as they serve as prosthetic roots. These roots keep the jaw bone firmly in place. Dental implants also help stop the facial structure from receding.  These are the types of nuanced long-term benefits you do not always receive with other tooth replacement options.

A Visually Pleasing Tooth Replacement Solution

Those who rave about their dental implants are happy for reasons beyond enhanced functionality.  Dental implants blend right in with the rest of your natural teeth. Onlookers will not be able to tell you to have dental implants in your mouth. These artificial teeth really do resemble regular adult teeth in terms of size, shape and general aesthetics.

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