Popular Treatments Used to Address Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues people deal with. It can lead to the entire loss of a tooth when it is not addressed promptly.

The acids in foods and drinks cause tooth decay if a person consumes and the acids created by the bacteria that live in the mouth. These bacteria feed on food particles that are left over on teeth after meals. The bacteria secrete acids when they are done feasting, and these eat away at teeth enamel.

Proper hygiene is typically enough to keep tooth decay at bay since this removes food particles and bacteria from the mouth minimizing the contact they have with teeth. However, some people have teeth that are more susceptible to decay, and many other factors can increase a person’s odds of dealing with tooth decay.

Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that can be used to address tooth decay regardless of the severity of the decline. However, it is a lot cheaper to treat tooth decay in its early stages just like many other dental issues.

Common tooth decay treatments

1. Fillings

Fillings are the first line of defense when it comes to dealing with tooth decay. It is also one of the most affordable treatments offered by dentists. Fillings can be made from a range of materials like amalgam, silver, gold and composite resins.

During the treatment, the dentist will prepare the tooth for the filling by removing any decayed areas of the tooth. The filling is then poured into the tooth. The substance solidifies when exposed to air and saliva. It fills up the holes created by cavities and prevents food particles and bacteria from getting inside them. It also helps to restore the natural function of the tooth. Composite resins are preferred nowadays since the material used has the same color with real teeth. That makes it virtually impossible to tell when a person has gotten a tooth repaired with composites. 

2. Root canal

Root canals are the go-to treatment for severe cases of tooth decay. This treatment is performed when the decay has made its way into a tooth’s pulp chamber. During the procedure, the dentist will drill a hole into the tooth and remove any decayed matter using a series of files. Medication is applied to deal with an infection, and the tooth is sealed with a unique material.

A crown is then placed on top of the newly restored tooth to prevent further decay.

3. Extractions

Extractions are reserved for the most severe cases of tooth decay. The tooth is extracted when it is too damaged to be saved with a crown, or there is an infection that could potentially make its way into the bloodstream.

The dentist will typically replace the extracted tooth with an implant.

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