General Dentist: Why Do I Need to See a Dentist if I Am Not in Pain?

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You should see your general dentist regularly. You should not wait until you are in pain. By the time something hurts, the problem is serious. Frequent dental visits play a key role in your oral health.

The importance of dental visits

A person should not just schedule an appointment with a dentist when there are problems that need to be addressed. Seeing a dentist often can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It can ensure the early detection and treatment of problems such as tooth decay. Read on to find out more about the benefits of maintaining regular visits.


Patients can benefit from seeing a general dentist every six months. During a checkup appointment, the dentist will evaluate the health of the gums and examine the head and neck for anything out of the ordinary. The dentist will also examine the mouth for signs of diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and oral cancer. Regular checkups can help detect problems early.

Early detection and treatment

Dentists can treat many problems. Some problems that can be detected during a checkup include cavities and gum disease. Seeing a dentist periodically will ensure the early detection and treatment of such problems. It will help to identify a problem before it can become worse.

Tooth decay

Many people usually put off tooth decay treatment when they are not in pain. However, this is not advisable. Tooth decay does not repair itself. It can start as a minor problem, but it can become serious quickly. Patients do not notice pain and sensitivity until after decay has gone through the enamel into the dentin layer. As dental decay continues, pain becomes more intense and frequent.

Most times, infection develops when bacteria and decay reach the pulp. An abscessed tooth can cause moderate to serious pain that can radiate to the neck or ear. Infection may spread into the jawbone or even throughout the body. This can lead to serious consequences.

A dental examination can help a dentist detect a small erosion on the enamel before it reaches the dentin. This can be repaired and treated easily. The longer a patient waits, the more serious a problem becomes. This usually leads to extensive costly procedures. A person should go to the dentist at the first sign of a problem even if there is no pain.

Emergency treatment

Many people usually face unexpected dental emergencies. Patients who do not visit the dentist until they are in pain can have a hard time if emergency treatment is needed. It is beneficial for people to have dentists who know them and their oral care situations. This can cut down on stress and time. Periodic visits will also help a patient establish a good relationship with a dentist. The dentist will be able to provide advice and support specific to the needs of an individual.

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It is highly recommended to visit your general dentist every six months. This should be done even if you are not in pain. The longer you avoid going to the dentist, the more problems can get worse. Seeing your dentist periodically will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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