How a General Dentist Treats Tooth Decay

How a General Dentist Treats Tooth Decay from Dazzling Smile Dental Group in Bayside, NYAny general dentist wants to prevent or combat cavities. This common dental problem is present in many populations, from infants to adults. At the onset of cavities, your dentist has an arsenal of procedures to treat them. If you want to find out how your general dentist treats tooth decay, here are the details.

The diagnosis

A general dentist must first see the extent of the decay in the patient’s mouth. The dental care provider will ask the patient about the intensity of the tooth sensitivity and pain. There will be a visual examination of the patient’s mouth. The dentist will use a probing tool to check the soft areas. Dental X-rays will help the dentist see if the patient has an infection in the jawbone as well.

Dental crowns

The patient might have a weak tooth and massive decay. A general dentist will recommend a dental crown to cover, protect, and support the remaining structure of the tooth. Cleaning out and drilling the decayed parts will prepare the tooth for the dental crown. The dentist will also shave off most of the affected tooth to ensure the fit of the crown. Porcelain crowns are the most popular. These restorations look and feel like natural teeth.

Fluoride treatments

The general dentist will use fluoride treatments to help repair and restore the enamel of the patient. This is for patients whose cavities have just started. The level of fluoride in these treatments is greater than the amount present in mouthwash, tap water, and toothpaste. Fluoride treatments may be in varnish, foam, liquid, or gel form. The dentist will brush the fluoride onto the patient’s teeth. There may also be a tray with fluoride treatment for the patient to put on.

Dental fillings

These restorations are for advanced tooth decay. It can fill and restore the tooth with decay on the side or on the crown. Tooth-colored resin material is the most common material for dental fillings. Dental amalgam and porcelain can also fill a tooth. The dentist must first clean out and disinfect the tooth before placing the filling and hardening it with curing light.

Dental extraction

Decay can take over a tooth and reach deep into the pulp. The general dentist will need to extract the tooth to prevent the decay from spreading to the gums or neighboring teeth. There is a gap between teeth after tooth extraction. The patient must have a procedure to have a tooth replacement. This will prevent the neighboring teeth from shifting.

Root canal

The pulp is the inner material of the tooth. A general dentist will perform a root canal to remove the infected pulp. This procedure will save the remaining structure of the tooth. Some medication inside the tooth will clear the remaining infection. Gutta-percha will replace the pulp.

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Your general dentist can perform various treatments to treat your tooth decay

Dental decay is a common issue. It can result in more complications if you do not get the right treatment on time. You can talk to your general dentist to discuss the options applicable to you. A dental appointment will clear your tooth decay and protect your mouth from future infections.

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