Your General Dentist Explains How Important Natural Teeth Are

Your General Dentist Explains How Important Natural Teeth Are from Dazzling Smile Dental Group in Bayside, NYA general dentist knows the amount of development it took before your natural teeth erupted. The cost of keeping your teeth clean and healthy is another thing to consider. That is why your natural teeth are important. If you want to know the true value of your teeth, here are some views from your general dentist.

Makes proper speech possible

Front teeth affect speech. A person without front teeth has difficulty enunciating. Speaking suddenly becomes almost impossible. Misalignment of teeth can also cause this problem. Lisping is a common result of bad teeth positioning.

A general dentist would explain the limitations of man-made dental technologies. These products used to restore teeth often have complications. Infections, pain, and loosening often bother patients when they wear dental restorations. Natural teeth will always be a better option in achieving proper speech.

Helps maintain proper nutrition

The mouth is the entrance to a person’s stomach. Good bacteria in the stomach affects an individual’s general health. The general dentist says that the mouth can keep bad bacteria at bay by keeping the mouth healthy through daily brushing and flossing. This can help provide balance in the gut and in the person’s body systems.

Digestion begins in the mouth. Natural teeth cut and mash food into smaller pieces. This makes digestion more efficient, increasing the body’s nutrient absorption. Tooth loss deprives a person of good chewing action and digestion. The pleasure a person gets from eating also diminishes.

Stronger than synthetic teeth

Natural teeth are strong. They function better than any dental restoration. The organic dental structure maintains the structural integrity of the jaw and mouth. This allows the proper chewing of food.

Organic teeth have nerves. These nerves tell the brain to chew or bite with low intensity if the food is soft. The nerves also tell the brain to do the opposite if the food is a little hard. Artificial teeth often lead to weak bite and bone loss. Sometimes, artificial teeth break because the person bites down too hard. These man-made teeth do not have nerves to regulate the intensity of the bite.

Improves self-image

A general dentist understands how being with other people is important. Humans love to talk and eat around each other. That is why natural teeth are important. Eating is not worrisome at all when using natural teeth. This welcomes interaction and elevates one’s self-esteem.

Less painful during restoration

Saving natural teeth is less painful than having an extraction and dental implant surgery. It also lowers the patient’s risk for more infection. The general dentist will always make the procedure painless when saving natural teeth. Pain during healing is manageable with pain medication. Healing is also quicker.

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Your general dentist supports the importance of natural teeth

Caring for your natural teeth must be a priority. Your general dentist can help you maintain the integrity and function of your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing daily helps care for your dentition. Regular appointments with your general dentist can elevate that level of care.

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