How a General Dentist Uses Crowns to Repair Teeth

How a General Dentist Uses Crowns to Repair Teeth from Dazzling Smile Dental Group in Bayside, NYRestoring teeth is one of a general dentist’s goals. Dental damage is sudden. The immediate thought is to see your dentist and get some dental repairs. The damage to your teeth may be more than just a chip or a crack. This is when dental crowns might be of use. If you want to know how a general dentist uses crowns in repairing your teeth, here are the details.

Root canal

A root canal treatment leaves a tooth cleaned and hollowed out. It is still prone to cracking even if the tooth has a filling. The treated tooth needs proper protection in the form of a dental crown. The general dentist will place the dental crown over the tooth. This is a permanent shield against food particles, fracturing, and bacteria.

Large dental filling

A tooth with a fracture or a cavity making up at least half the width of the tooth needs more protection. The remaining natural tooth structure is too weak. The treated tooth might be showing cracks around the filling, which is a sign of stress. That is why a dental crown should go over it.

Broken cusps

Large dental fillings or trauma often cause cusps to break off. Cusps are the topmost part of teeth. They take the brunt of the stresses of chewing and biting. A tooth with just a filling holding it together is prone to breaking all the way to the pulp or jawbone.

The general dentist must place a crown over the treated tooth right away. This will prevent any cracks from appearing. It will also keep the tooth together and protect it from more trauma. The dental crown will also keep bacteria from entering the tooth.

Cracked tooth syndrome

This condition leaves a patient with fractures inside the tooth. The patient experiences pain when the tooth gets in contact with food at a specific angle or intensity. Fracture lines inside the tooth experience more stress as the patient chews. This makes the tooth feel as if it is breaking in two.

The general dentist will cover the tooth with a dental crown to hold it together. This also disperses the stress throughout the treated tooth. Pain reduces or stops pain when the patient uses the tooth for biting or chewing. This allows the patient to enjoy the restored tooth.

Displeasing appearance of the dentition

Large spaces, staining, and misshapen teeth are often undesirable to look at. Patients who have these problems develop a feeling of inferiority. The general dentist can place porcelain veneers on the patient’s teeth. These restorations will make teeth attractive in a natural way. The patient will not need to worry about surgery or shaving off a large percentage of healthy teeth.

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You can get dental crowns from your general dentist to repair and restore your teeth

Accidents, medical conditions, and lifestyles can cause dental damage. You may experience awkwardness and frustration when your teeth are not ideal in looks and function. Your general dentist can help transform your teeth with dental crowns. An appointment can begin your journey on the road toward optimal health.

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