Dental Cleaning and Exam: What to Expect

When people go to their dentist for regular checkups twice a year they usually know what to expect — a dental cleaning and exam. However, what is actually involved in both of those scenarios can be unknown.

Regular dental checkups are necessary to have so that a dentist or dental professional can be sure that one is keeping their teeth in optimal condition. Knowing what to expect during the cleaning and examination can help anyone feel more comfortable about their upcoming dental cleaning and exam.

What to expect

Being aware of what to expect to happen during a visit to the dentist can be beneficial to people who might have anxiety or fear about going. While both a cleaning and an examination are simple, it is always better to know what will happen in advance. Below we will go over what is involved in both the cleaning and examination process.


During the cleaning of the teeth, the dentist or dental professional will use their higher grade equipment to clean the teeth and all around them. Dentist’s offices have professional equipment to use on the teeth so that optimal care is provided.

A stronger brush, as well as toothpaste containing higher amounts of fluoride, are both likely to be used during the cleaning process. Flossing will also take place in order to ensure that there aren’t any left behind particles stuck between the teeth.

During the cleaning process, the dentist or dental professional will also likely rid the teeth of plaque. Plaque sticks to the surface of the teeth and it is caused by sugars or other harmful particles. These stick to the enamel and then begin to eat away, causing decay over time. Plaque removal will usually involve a dental tool that scrapes the plaque off of the surface of the teeth.


When the teeth are examined, the dentist or dental professional will closely inspect each of the teeth one at a time. He or she may use a tool to see the undersides of the teeth as well, as it is important to view all sides of the teeth.

The examination part of a dental checkup visit is important to have because often, people can’t see any abnormalities when they are just looking in the mirror at home. A dentist is able to spot things within the mouth that might be harmful, which can save someone a lot of pain in the long run. If a problem is caught early on, it is more likely that there are ways to treat or fix it.

A dental cleaning and exam are necessary to have at least twice a year in order for the dentist to ensure that both the teeth and gums are in optimal condition. Being aware of what happens during both the cleaning and examination part of a dental checkup appointment can help ease any anxieties that people might be having about their upcoming visit.

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