Ask a Cosmetic Dentist: Why Are Same Day CEREC Onlays So Popular?

Same Day CEREC Bayside, NY

To treat a large cavity, Same Day CEREC onlays may be the right solution. Tooth decay can cause significant pain and discomfort. If untreated, the decay could spread and affect more areas of your mouth. When a filling is not enough to protect the tooth, your dentist may recommend an onlay. A CEREC treatment has benefits that traditional onlays do not.

Fillings, crowns and onlays

When a patient comes to the dentist’s office complaining of tooth pain, the dentist will take X-rays and conduct an examination. In many cases, a filling with ceramic or composite resin should take care of the issue. However, if the damage is too extensive, the dentist may recommend a crown. This natural-looking cap goes over the tooth and prevents further problems. When the damage is somewhere in between, same day CEREC onlays could make sense.

How same day CEREC onlays work

Unlike crowns, which cover the affected tooth completely, onlays fit only over the little points of the tooth, or the cusps. Fillings are placed directly into the tooth after the dentist drills into it and removes the decay. Onlays are made outside of the tooth and bonded to the surface. This treatment preserves the tooth’s structure.

No more multiple visits

Traditionally, a patient would get onlays after making two or three visits to the dentist’s office. After examining the patient’s mouth and determining the right treatment method, the dentist would take X-rays and make impressions. At an off-site laboratory, a technician would custom-make the onlays, which the patient would get at a subsequent appointment. Today, more dentists use same day CEREC onlays. This cuts down on required visits and provides a more efficient approach.

Less time per appointment

With same day CEREC onlays, the dentist uses 3-D imaging to take pictures of the person’s mouth. This allows the dentist to make the onlays right in the office instead of sending the pictures and impressions to a lab. The dentist turns to computerized technology to construct the porcelain material while the patient waits in the chair. Within two hours or less, the patient could be in and out of the dentist’s office.

Cosmetic benefits

Not only do same day CEREC onlays provide relief from tooth pain and other potential problems, but they are a good cosmetic option as well. While dentists have used gold onlays in the past, it is more common to use ceramic today. The dentist can make an onlay to match the color of the person’s surrounding teeth. With this technique, the patient can maintain a smile free of noticeable dental work.

Looking good, feeling good

If you believe you may have a cavity, quick intervention is important. With same day CEREC onlays, you can get rid of the cavity and not compromise your smile. Perhaps most appealing, this treatment can take place in an hour or two during a single visit. It is time to speak with a cosmetic dentist near you and ask about this procedure. Make an appointment today.

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