A Look at Options for Dental Filling Material

Are you in need of a dental filling but wondering which type of filling material you should choose? Modern advancements in dental technologies now allow dental patients to choose from a few different filling options. If you are thinking about getting a filling material other than traditional silver fillings, then it is definitely in your best interest to check out your filling options below. Be sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each filling material, as this will allow you to make a choice that will best work for you.

A look at options for dental filling material

The following are the current options that dental patients can choose from when needing to fill a cavity.

Filling material option #1 – composite resin material. Composite fillings are made using a mix of plastic and very fine glass particles. The advantages of composite fillings are that they are stronger than silver fillings and are able to match dental patients' teeth.

Filling material option #2 – amalgam filling material. Amalgam fillings are another term for silver fillings and are made from a mix of metals, i.e. silver, zinc, copper, tin and mercury. Mercury is the type of filling material that many dental patients are trying to avoid nowadays. The advantage of amalgam fillings is that they are strong and will, therefore, last for many years to come.

Filling material option #3 – gold filling material. Gold alloy fillings are made using a mix of gold along with a few other strong metals. The advantages of gold fillings are that gold is very strong, does not rust and can easily last upwards of 15 years.

Filling material option #4 – porcelain filling material. Porcelain fillings are made using porcelain. While this means that they work great for dental patients who are looking for the most natural appearance when needing a cavity filled, it also means that they are more delicate. Due to this type of filling material being more delicate, patients will need to carefully follow any aftercare instructions.

Having trouble deciding on your filling material?

If you are not quite sure which of the above dental filling materials you should choose when you need a cavity filled, you can call us to make an appointment so you can discuss the choices with an experienced dentist. Know that the sooner you are able to get a filling in your damaged tooth, the better. A filling is necessary when your tooth is damaged in order to prevent it from becoming much worse. Ready to find out which of the available dental filling materials is recommended for you? It all starts with one phone call. We hope to hear from you soon!


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