A General Dentist Explains What Your Aching Teeth are Trying to Tell You

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Having a toothache means making a trip to the general dentist to get the problem taken care of. Even though the pain people feel when they have toothaches vary on an individual basis, a general dentist can tell the cause of the toothache just by listening to the symptoms.

Find out the cause of your toothache by visiting a general dentist

Toothaches are frustrating because they cause pain and make it difficult to eat, focus, talk and sleep peacefully. Since there are many different reasons why people have toothaches, a trip to the general dentist can help to pinpoint the cause of the pain and get it treated.

To help people understand the reason why their teeth hurt, we asked a general dentist to explain the common causes of toothaches.

Sharp toothache

According to the general dentist, people who experience a sharp pain in one or more teeth while biting down likely have cavities or tooth decay. A cavity is a hole in the tooth that is caused by the sugar in the food people eat, which is converted into acids by the bacteria in their mouths, weakening the enamel and making the tooth vulnerable to decay.

In the early stages, cavities do not have any symptoms, but they eventually lead to a toothache, especially if the cavity is large and is close to the nerves in the tooth.

Lost a filling

Losing a dental filling can be a painful experience because the missing filling was used to fill up a hole in the tooth, which becomes exposed when the filling falls out. The exposed tooth will continue to hurt until the hole has been covered and cause the tooth to ache when chewing food.

Having an abscess

An abscess is caused when food particles are jammed between the teeth and get pushed into the gums. After a while, the jammed food particle causes inflammation and pain and can produce a pocket of space, called an abscess, along the gum line. The lingering food debris in the pocket eventually decays and causes infection.

Fractured teeth

According to the general dentist, some toothaches are caused by a fractured tooth. This condition is usually caused by a biting down on something hard, which chips or breaks the tooth. In severe cases, a dental crown might be needed to cover up the tooth. If the remaining tooth cannot be salvaged the dentist will recommend replacing it with a dental implant.

Incoming wisdom teeth

Sometimes, the toothache is not caused by the teeth in the mouth. Instead, they are caused by the patient’s wisdom teeth trying to erupt but not having enough room in the mouth to come out. If the wisdom teeth manage to erupt, it can lead to painful inflammation or infection in the gums and will likely have to be extracted from the mouth to relieve the pain.


People experience toothaches for a variety of reasons. However, the problem can be taken care of with a visit to the general dentist. If you have a toothache that does not go away, schedule an appointment with your dentist to get it taken care of.

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