A General Dentist Explains How to Treat Loose Adult Teeth

General dentists are great resources to use if you have a loose adult tooth. You want to do everything in your power to keep your permanent teeth as they were designed to last an entire lifetime. If one of them is loose, the main focus needs to be on how to save that loose tooth.

Why choose a general dentist?

A general dentist is your primary dental care provider, just like your general doctor is your primary medical care provider. They are your first point of contact when you are in need of any type of oral health care, and that includes a loose adult tooth. General dentists will diagnose the problem, treat the problem and then make any necessary recommendations to keep you in good oral health.

When you are in need of any dental work, i.e. root canals, dental fillings or even a loose adult tooth, they will either perform the procedures themselves or recommend you to another dental professional for further treatment.

What causes loose adult teeth?

A variety of factors come into play when an adult experiences one or more loose teeth. Some of the more common causes include a sports-related injury, bruxism, biting down on hard food, and periodontal disease.

How to treat loose adult teeth

The following is a list of general advice that adults can follow when they are experiencing a loose tooth.

A slightly loose tooth

A tooth that is only a slightly loose will often repair itself on its own. Avoiding using the tooth until it is once again strong is recommended, as leaving it completely alone as much as possible while it heals, is necessary. Eating soft foods can help. If the tooth is still loose after four or five days, making an appointment with a dentist is necessary for further evaluation.

A very loose tooth

A tooth that is very loose is more often than not considered to be a dental emergency. A very loose tooth may come out if it is not treated by a dental professional as soon as possible. This makes it necessary to call a dental office right away to let them know the current situation.

Loose tooth due to clenching, grinding

A tooth that is loose due to clenching or grinding needs to be addressed right away. Solutions are available that can help protect the teeth so that they are not further injured due to this destructive habit.

Periodontal disease

Loose teeth due to periodontal disease will only worsen until the disease is addressed by undergoing a dental procedure. Periodontal disease often causes the teeth to become loose over time. 

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