A Cosmetic Dentist Describes the Effectiveness of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening Bayside, NY

If you try Zoom teeth whitening, you should soon have the smile you have always wanted. If you are not happy with the color of your teeth, you can do something about it. Find a cosmetic dentist near you and ask about this treatment. Like many other patients, you can restore your appearance and no longer have to hide your teeth.

Deciding to do it

During a person’s lifetime, years of eating and drinking can stain teeth. Foods such as tomato sauce and beverages such as coffee, tea and soda can change teeth from their natural white color into an unappealing brown or yellow. Tobacco can have the same effect. Also, neglecting to brush and go in for semiannual dental cleanings can discolor teeth. When over-the-counter products have not worked fast enough or effectively, people choose Zoom teeth whitening.

Visiting with the dentist

Before deciding to whiten teeth, patients should have a consultation with the dentist. The dentist may also conduct a thorough examination to determine whether the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. The dentist will explain how the process works and what the person can expect. This meeting and exam give the person the chance to ask questions and share concerns.

How the procedure works

One of the nice things about Zoom teeth whitening is that the patient will not have to come in for multiple treatments. In fact, it only requires one visit of about one hour. For some patients, the whitening only takes 45 to 50 minutes. The patient will lie in a dental chair while an assistant prepares the person for the procedure. There is a covering over the patient’s lips and gums, exposing only the teeth.

Once the patient is ready, the dentist places peroxide gel on the upper and lower teeth. Next, a light is placed over the teeth. This activates the chemical, allowing oxygen molecules to break down the discoloration.

Success rate of Zoom teeth whitening

Results will vary from patient to patient, but people should feel good about how well this process will work. Most people see an improvement of eight shades of white or more. The whitening can work in as little as one hour. Zoom teeth whitening is long-lasting too. It is not uncommon for people to maintain the whiteness of their teeth for up to three years.

At-home care

The dentist will send the patient home with customized mouthguard-like trays and peroxide gel. This allows the person to touch up any stains according to their needs. It is also important to brush and floss regularly. People should also cut down on foods and beverages that stain teeth.

See the difference

You should not have to be ashamed of your teeth and hide your smile any longer. With Zoom teeth whitening, you can be happy to show your smile and display your gorgeous teeth. In an hour or less, you can be in and out of the dentist’s office with a whole new look. Call a cosmetic dentist near you today so you can set up an appointment to discuss your options.

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