5 ways to Whiten Dull Teeth

dull teeth

Ready to improve the look of your dull teeth? Having a smile that you are always proud to show is one of the best ways that you can feel confident in everyday activities. If you are not sure why your teeth are dull, then making an appointment with us is highly recommended. We are not only able to tell you why the shade of your teeth is becoming dull, we can also recommend an effective treatment for whitening and brightening the dullness.

Top reasons why teeth get dull

Some of the top reasons for why someone’s teeth will appear to be dull include:

  • Not using proper oral hygiene techniques at home
  • Eating foods that are known to stain teeth
  • Consuming drinks that are known to stain teeth
  • Taking prescription medications that can stain teeth
  • Suffering from a specific health issue that causes the shade of the enamel to change

It does not matter the reason why someone has dull teeth when it comes to treatment, as there are teeth whitening treatments available.

5 ways to whiten dull teeth

While we can help determine if a professional in-office whitening session is the treatment you need, there are other options that one can use at home to slightly change the shade of the enamel. The following are five effective ways someone can whiten their teeth when he or she feels the teeth are appearing dull.

1. Baking soda

While the American Dental Association does not recommend only using baking soda as a way to take care of teeth, it can be used as a gentle abrasive to remove surface stains that can make teeth appear dull.

2. Fruit

Choosing to eat raw, crunchy fruits can help whiten dull teeth naturally. Top fruits for whitening teeth include strawberries and pineapples. Contact us for more details on this and other diet tips to promote oral health.

3. Porcelain veneers

Veneers are often used to cover up teeth that are looking dull and can even make for a brand new smile. However, veneers are not an option that one can easily reverse and are essentially permanent.

4. Whitening products

At-home and in-office teeth whitening options are available for brightening up dull teeth. In-office teeth whitening procedures are often preferable since we perform this process and offer patients better results than over-the-counter products. We can also whiten the teeth in a faster time frame than other products at the store.

5. Oil pulling

Swishing around one teaspoon of coconut oil in one’s mouth for about five minutes can help to remove any stains on the teeth. It is important to avoid swallowing the oil.

Ready to improve the look of your teeth?

If you feel that your dull teeth are getting in the way of being able to smile with confidence, then it is in your best interest to find a whitening option for your teeth. The fact that everyone is different means that you may need to try one, two or more teeth whitening remedies before you find the one that works best for whitening your teeth.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dazzling Smile Dental Group, request an appointment in our Bayside dental office here: https://www.dazzlemysmile.com. Or call us at (718) 841-9535.

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