5 Reasons Dental Implants Are a Viable Tooth-Replacement Solution [Cosmetic Dentistry]

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Are you curious about dental implants? If you are, there are many other people like you who want to know more about this treatment for missing teeth. Tooth loss can be both painful and cosmetically challenging. Luckily, implants can solve both of these issues and give you the relief you need.

When people know it is time for dental implants

Many patients experience cosmetic problems with their mouths. A chip or crack in the tooth can be embarrassing. Misshapen teeth can hinder a person’s smile. Any of these issues can also make it difficult to eat or even speak. Tooth loss can be an even bigger concern for people. A person should consider getting implants if they have multiple gaps in their mouth. It may also be a good idea to discuss this treatment if missing teeth are causing emotional problems or self-esteem issues.

Implants last

There are several restorative dental treatments available for patients. A dentist may be able to repair teeth with a filling or composite bonding. Crowns and bridges can protect and repair damaged or missing teeth. People choose dentures to replace several teeth or an entire mouthful of teeth. None of these will last as long as dental implants. Patients who care for these implants should enjoy these artificial teeth for at least 25 years.

Implants will not slip

Dentures have their place with some patients, but there are drawbacks. One of the biggest complaints people have about this appliance is that it tends to slip when the wearer is eating or speaking. Implants are secured by a screw-like post deep into the person’s jaw and held together with a titanium abutment.

People can eat most foods with implants

It is not uncommon for people to break or crack crowns, veneers or dentures. This is rarer with dental implants. The strong, sturdy implants allow the person to eat just about anything. To be cautious, the wearer may want to reduce the amount of hard food they eat.

Implants improve a smile

A toothless smile is not the most pleasant thing for the person or for someone looking at it. Dental implants can resolve this issue. The implants can help restore the shape of the person’s face too. Implants also help surrounding natural teeth from shifting.

Implants are natural-looking

Dental implants will look virtually identical to the person’s natural teeth. A technician will carefully craft the crowns to resemble the size, shape and color of other remaining teeth. The implants look so real that it is difficult to tell the person has any.

Go for it now

There are multiple options for replacing your missing teeth. However, it should be clear to see why getting dental implants makes so much sense. This treatment looks nice and improves your quality of life. Find a cosmetic dentist near you today so you can make an appointment to discuss implants. You should not have to live another day with large gaps in your mouth. Find long-term relief with these artificial teeth.

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