4 Things to Know Before You Get Same Day CEREC Onlays

CEREC Bayside, NY

If you are thinking about getting same day CEREC onlays, it is helpful to understand how the process works. Along with inlays, onlays can be an effective treatment for tooth decay and damage. However, technological advances allow your dentist to treat you with an onlay much faster than with traditional methods.

Factors that lead to treatment

Of all the conditions dentists find during wellness checkups, cavities are among the most common. Patients can prevent tooth decay by following good oral health hygiene. However, when people fail to brush at least twice a day and floss daily, cavities can form. Consuming sugary foods and drinks excessively can also cause decay. Fillings can usually take care of cavities and restore the person’s tooth. In more moderate situations, same day CEREC onlays may be necessary.

Traditional processes could take weeks

Dentists have long used onlays as a restorative method. Onlays make sense when a cavity is too large for a filling to support but not severe enough for the use of a crown. If the dentist does not use same day CEREC onlays, the patient will have to come in for two or three appointments. The process starts with an examination and preparation of the tooth to receive the onlays. The dentist takes X-rays and makes an impression of the mouth. At a laboratory, a technician makes the onlays, which the patient receives at a later visit.

Same day CEREC onlays are much faster

Thanks to computer-aided technology and imaging methods, patients can get onlays without having to come into the dentist’s office for multiple appointments. Less tooth preparation is required, and the dentist will not have to make impressions. Instead, the dentist takes pictures with 3-D imaging and uses a computer to make the onlays out of a ceramic block. In all, the process will take two hours or less.

Onlays are not as extensive as crowns

For the most severe tooth damage and decay, crowns are the most effective option. Crowns cover the entire tooth, preventing it from additional damage. The crown will also maintain the tooth’s function. Conversely, same day CEREC onlays only cover the cusps of the tooth. The dentist will use onlays instead of crowns for moderately sized cavities.

Onlays offer cosmetic benefits

Instead of using gold, the dentist will usually use a ceramic material for the same day CEREC onlays. Patients enjoy this style because it will not affect their smile. While the gold or other colors stand out, the ceramic will closely match the color of the patient’s surrounding teeth.

Enjoy the difference

While you appreciate the work that your dentist can do to repair your cavities, spending a lot of time at the office can be challenging. Thankfully, same day CEREC onlays will not take up nearly as much of your time. A cosmetic dentist near you can make the onlays in the office while you wait. You will still find the same relief from tooth pain as you would from the traditional method. Call your dentist today and make an appointment so you can learn more about the CEREC process.

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