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AT DAZZLING SMILE DENTAL GROUP, Dr. Hooman Neman and Dr. Armin Lalehzari are dedicated to providing the highest standards in cosmetic and general dentistry to the people of Bayside, Queens. Dr. Hooman Neman graduated from NYU School of Dentistry in 2001 and Dr. Armin Lalehzari graduated at SUNY Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, receiving his doctorate in dental surgery in 2004. Both doctors have known each other when since they were small children.

At Dazzling Smile Dental Group our focus is entirely on the patient dentist relationship and we work hard to understand the fears and concerns of the patient whether they may be young, old, middle aged or in their teens. 

All patients coming into Dazzling Smile Dental Group present different dental situations with each patient being unique. We therefore make it our priority to understand the needs of the patient and to advise them on the best course of action. We even offer Sunday appointments!

Our reputation as an Outstanding Family, Cosmetic and General Dentists in the Bayside area speaks for itself. At Dazzling Smile Dental Group We are always available for free consultations and second opinions. Make an Appointment today through ZOCDOC or call our Office at 718-225-7645 We look forward to seeing you as a patient.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Our practice offers but is not limited to the following:

Teeth Whitening in Bayside

Get a beautiful smile with Zoom! Whitening and make a dazzling impression

If you feel that your smile is not as white as it used to be and that you could do with a brighter smile, then we can help. For years we have been offering teeth whitening and helping restore the confidence in people they once had and making them smile again. We offer Zoom teeth whitening for all our patients who have concerns about teeth color change due to tobacco, wine, coffee or natural aging.

 ZOOM teeth whitening is done in our dental office using a very strong bleaching agent that contains a higher concentration of peroxide than gels found over the counter. A blue laser is then applied to the teeth, in a delicate process carefully controlled by the dentist and the dental assistant , a protective gel protects the gums from chemical exposure. The laser activates the bleaching gel which in turn bleaches the teeth until they are whiter. We have had amazing results in our office and patients are always astounded as to how 'white' their teeth have become.

Invisalign Clear Aligners in Queens

Get clear braces for adults and teens. We have fitted thousands of patients in the Bayside area for Invisalign. 

INVISALIGN® is the most popular method of straightening teeth for adults and teens because it is effective, comfortable, and discreet. INVISALIGN® is a series of clear aligners that gradually shift your teeth into an ideal position. You wear each set of aligners for two weeks or less, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. With every aligner that you wear, your teeth will move a little closer to your perfect smile. During the middle of your treatment, you can switch to new aligners on your own at home, and then you’ll visit us about once every six weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

Total treatment time averages 9-15 months and the average number of aligners worn during treatment is between 18 and 30, but both will vary from case to case. Over half a million Americans have taken advantage of Invisalign. The system can fix problems such as overly crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, cross bite, overbite and under bite. Taking advantage of Invisalign braces can also help prevent serious dental concerns such as tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Restoration Using Dental Implants

If you are worried about your smile, are missing a few teeth, don’t want to get a bridge done or may have trouble chewing due to loss of teeth then the time may have come for you to consider dental implants. Dental Implants have revolutionized how people smile and live as millions of Americans each year choose to have dental implants. The most common form of dental implants is single tooth replacement, but we also do multiple tooth replacements. This is performed using a process known as osseo-integration, whereby titanium becomes fused to the bone. The dentist places the dental implant on the lower or upper jaw.  In some instances the dentist may place multiple dental implants, placing small titanium screws into the bone.

We also have the ability to give the patient a bridge using dental implants. This bridge is a restorative bridge used to replace many missing teeth. There are two types: fixed partial dentures and removable partial dentures. Fixed bridges are cemented in and cannot be removed. Partial dentures can be removed at night for cleaning. The bridges can drastically improve a patients smile with the materials that are used are made to match the color of your teeth. 

With dental implants, the procedure is performed at our Bayside Dental office and patients must commit to a healthy oral regimen afterward. They normally have a healing phase of 6 weeks to 3 months before the crown is placed over the titanium abutment.

Gum Disease Treatment

We treat Gingivitis! If your bleeding gums are concerning you, we can help.

Gum disease is a major problem for 80% of Americans. Hormonal changes, bad habits, illnesses and medications all play an important factor in reducing gum health.

 Here are some signs that your gums may not be as healthy as you may think:

  • Gums that periodically or continually bleed easily
  • A tenderness or redness around the gum line
  • Teeth that are becoming detached from the gums.
  • Bad breath or a persistent bad taste in your mouth.
  • Teeth that are becoming loose, giving cause for concern
  • Your bite is not the same as it used to be.

Gingivitis can go unnoticed and these infections can eventually cause the teeth to separate from the gums, causing a greater risk for decay and infection.

 Gum disease being the major cause of tooth loss in adults in the US is a worrying concern for patients. Luckily it is avoidable and luckily we have our own periodontist here at Dazzling Smile. The periodontist will give you an opinion on the state of your gums and decide on the way in which he will attempt to remedy the situation.

 We treat periodontitis seriously. Normally root planning and scaling, which involves cleaning and scraping below the gum line, is a very effective procedure allowing the gums to eventually reattach to the teeth. For more information reach out to us or make an appointment today.

We are open Sundays!